• Image of Divided Heaven - "Oblivion" LP (tri-color vinyl)

Oblivion, the new DIVIDED HEAVEN album, uniquely burns with a dash of weirdness, a pinch of Satanism, and a heavy dose of sex and politics resulting in a unapologetic and provocative DIVIDED HEAVEN album like none before. Over two years, Berman enlisted four different producers to create a diverse tonality across the 10 tracks on Oblivion. Berman worked closely with UK-Singer-Songwriter juggernaut Frank Turner, whose production brought a whole new power to a DIVIDED HEAVEN album. Longtime DIVIDED HEAVEN producer Charlie Stavish (who most notably worked with Ryan Adams & Jenny Lewis, & produced the lead single from Oblivion, the politically scorching 'They Poisoned Our Fathers' which features the incomparable Lydia Loveless) was also integral in pushing Oblivion into new territory. In addition, Berman recorded three tracks in Antwerp, Belgium with producer Tim van Doorn (Joe McMahon & Tim Vantol) who brought out the most graceful songs of Berman's career, including the second single 'Baby in the Band'. Lastly, pop producer Mike Biancaniello (who most notably worked with 5 Seconds of Summer) highlighted a new vivid hue to Berman's songwriting to round out the album. Oblivion was originally released by Gunner Records (Europe & UK) and A-F Records.