• Image of Wifey - "Just A Tease" EP (Clear w/ Red Splatter 12")  ***PRE-ORDER***

Wifey - "Just A Tease" EP

1. Dimaggio
2. Mary Ann Leaves The Band
3. Playing Dead
4. Candysauce
5. Ocean Imagery

Ltd. to 250 clear w/red splatter 12" vinyl

***This item is a pre-order and is expected to ship in early September***

Debut EP “Just A Tease,” is the first taste of their ear-candy. Mixed and mastered by Billy Mannino (oso oso, Ben Quad, saturdays at your place), “Just A Tease” features five songs that will remain lodged in your head forever, whether you like it or not. In a scene revolving around confessional songwriting and baring your soul, Wifey has the decency to be tasteless, and are deep enough to be shallow. The hole for loud, dumb pop songs is wide open and Wifey is more than happy to fill it ;) With hooky tunes revolving around timeless subjects such as getting drunk, girls whose names end in Anne, and the addictive substance known only as “Candysauce,” Wifey is a power- pop band with real power. Influenced heavily by the melodic punks that came before them (Lemonheads, Green Day, Joyce Manor) and embodying the “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus” ethos, Wifey’s songs are as exciting as a sugar rush, and only slightly less hazardous to your health.