• Image of Mercy Union - 'Catnap' EP (Clear or Red 12" Vinyl)
  • Image of Mercy Union - 'Catnap' EP (Clear or Red 12" Vinyl)

About a year ago Mercy Union got together at Audio Pilot Studios to cut four acoustic tracks. This EP includes four of their favorite songs off of 'White Tiger," and was fully intended to be a digital release until Rob Freeman's mixing/engineering met Alex Flannery's album concept.

This is a co-release with Gunner Records (Germany) and comes in three variants, 2 of which are available here. Hopefully these hold you over while they work on LP3...

1. 1998
2. Prussian Blue
3. Janeway
4. So Long Siberia

(Both sides of vinyl contain full EP)

200 clear vinyl (Mt.Crushmore Variant)
200 red vinyl (Gunner Records Variant/Import!)
100 silk screen cover on green vinyl (Gunner Records Exclusive)

Release date: 2/9/2024

These may ship before the release date...